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Another important thing to consider when you have a bird is how to keep them entertained. It’s crucial to give your birds the attention they need but at the same time, you can’t be there 24 hours a day for them. In their natural habitat, birds often chew on tree barks, collect branches, and forage. It’s built into their natural DNA. To recreate that in a home environment, they need fun toys and foraging items to keep their brains busy.

A lot of bird toys consist of natural woods, plastics, metal chains, bells, etc. But they also come at a pretty penny. A standard macaw sized toy can easily range from $20-50. However, that toy will only last them a few days as these big boys shred through the wood and plastic like it’s nothing. So to keep buying these toys can easily rack up a big expense. There are many DIY toys you can make for your own bird using craft items at home. Paper, twine, plastic bottles, leather strings, and rope are all good toy parts! Our boys will go crazy for an empty water bottle. Remember, if you’re going to be using these items to make your toys, PLEASE MAKE SURE that they are non-toxic, contain no chemical dyes, and nothing that’s been treated.

Some birds also like to forage for their food rather than eating it straight out of a bowl. You can also hide treats inside their toys. It gives them a challenge and all birds LOVE a good challenge. It’s fascinating to watch their little brains think and problem solve to get their treats.

There are lots of sites out there! You can buy toy parts in bulk and they have pretty much all types of toy parts! It gets you to work your creativity a little because it takes a little planning to get the toy to look the way you want. When Monty & Merlin sees a new toy, their eyes glow with joy. Then the next half hour will be just peaceful sounds of wood cracking. Nothing makes us more happy than when these monsters gleam with cheerfulness.

Voilà! Our creation :)

There are plenty of parronts who do not give toys to their birds. That way it won’t encourage them to chew on anything else outside their cage. Monty and Merlin will play with just about anything. If they see it, they will grab it and chew. NEVER leave any electronics or valuables where your birds can easily reach. It is a pricey lesson you do not want to learn, trust us. In the beginning, we’ve had to replace remote controls, iPhone, gaming devices, and etc. Now we just avoid leaving anything on the couch.

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