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Our Daily Diet

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

We get a lot of questions on what we feed Monty & Merlin. Check out our breakdown here!

Depending on the macaw breed, diets can have varying differences. It is very important to stay on top of your bird’s diet as it will affect their appearance and life span. To keep them super healthy - you MUST learn what you can and cannot feed them.

There are 3 basics when it comes to our birds’ diet.

Pellets - 60%

Fresh fruits & veggies - 20%

Nuts and Seeds - 10%

Monty & Merlin’s main diet consists of pellets because it gives them most of the nutrients they need. They also get a small addition mix of nuts, dried fruits, and dried veggies. We dice up fresh fruits and veggies for them too! Mix it in with some super nutritious sprouts and voila! Try to keep the portions small because they really do take bird bites and this way we can keep the food waste to a minimum.

A fresh mix of sugar snap peas, cucumbers, corn, grapes, bell peppers, and sprouts

You’ll be very lucky if you end up with a not-so-picky bird. Monty has incredibly shiny feathers and it’s mainly because he eats EVERYTHING. To him, food is LIFE. He’ll eat Merlin’s baby formula as well as all his regular food. He’s also a nut for nuts! And fruits? Fuhgeddaboutit… Monty will kill for grapes.

Fair warning - limit the amount of sugary fruits you give your birds. Sugar high = hyper energy

Foods to avoid:

1. Peanuts/Sunflower seeds - these two types of nut/seed are often seen as junk food for parrots. It’s a very unhealthy combination due to the high fat content and should not be a main part of the diet. If your bird is constantly active, they can have them in small amounts occasionally but it’s just easier to offer them a healthier alternative such as walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

2. Avocado/Persimmon - These two are an absolute NO for parrots. They can become poisonous in a bird’s digestive system. It is known that some birds that have eaten guacamole and were fine but is that really something you’d want to risk for your feathered baby? We avoid them at all cost.

3. Fruit seeds - As natural as it seems to just give your birds whole fruits because that’s how they would have it in the wild - the seeds in apples, cherries, peaches, and other stone fruits contain trace amounts of cyanide. We often cut out the seeds before giving fruits to them.

“What about human food, is that safe?”

Our vet recommends that birds should try out human food as long as it doesn’t contain anything harmful to them. So we try to give them foods that do not contain salt, onions, or tomatoes as these can all upset their stomach. Like a child, when their tummies hurt and they don’t know how to express it, they’ll cry… or in this case: scream on and off. Yikes!

Monty and Merlin both LOVE bread, especially pizza crust. They both go crazy when they see the pizza box come through the door. Sometimes they can’t even wait for us to open the box and they’ll start chewing it up to get to the pizza inside.

Cooked pasta would be a close second. I don’t think Monty even chews his pasta; he just inhales it. They also get a dose of plain lactose-free yogurt every now and then to keep their tummies in check.

They absolutely love drinking anything and everything out of our cups. Sometimes they even drink our herbal caffeine-free tea. Some say it has calming effects for macaws, I’d say Monty is Monty and nothing that calm him 🤣. Fruit juices are ok as long as they’re diluted with water because you do NOT want a flying bird hopped up on sugar bouncing off the walls. Trust us…

That’s about it! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us or leave a comment here!

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